Saturday, January 30, 2010

ARKANGEL - "Is your Enemy" (Belgium)

ARKANGEL - "Is your Enemy"

Arkangel were one of the new metalcore bands back then and they released some incredible songs on their EP "Prayer Upon deaf Ears". This is their third album and their GSR debut. The thing I liked about them back then was, that they delivered some plain and brutal songs packed with hatred and fast and whirling guitars. I kind of miss that on their latest effort. They still sound like Arkangel, they still have their signature aggressive sound and the songs are still pretty good but they added some more calm and epic parts. This is actually a thing that I am happy about usually, but I think Arkangel lose some of their charme and sometimes drift towards triviality and I think a lot of people who listened to them back then have moved on and may not be that easy to get with a record like this. - review